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Power of the Pen

I have written in journals for many years now and it has really helped me go back and look over my life and recognize where I've been and how far I've come. This past year (2020) I started a goal writing practice. I had written goals down periodically in my journals, but never consistently.

Writing is a powerful tool when we use it. It allows us to take ideas and thoughts out of our head and transfer them into something tangible. I don't often reread my goals or journal entries, but when I do I gain a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

We are our own worst critics and it can be easy to get caught up climbing our mountains and not take the time to look at the big picture. When I look back over my goals or my journal, I can see that what at the time I thought was a mountain was really a tiny grain of sand.

I try to keep things simple. For my daily goal writing practice, I just use a small legal pad. I actually have 2 of them- one on my nightstand and the other in my office. My goals might change every single day and that's okay. Some will show up repeatedly for me and those will often be the ones I see into fruition.

I also write down my goals in the first person, as if I have already achieved them or am in the process. This isn't a wish list. For example, I'll write "I am a best seller author," even though I have yet to publish a book. Several months ago I was writing that I do Crossfit 3 times per week and as of this month I DO ACTUALLY do Crossfit 3 times a week.

We are influenced by our thoughts and our environment. This writing practice is my daily dose of forward momentum. I get to go through these thoughts of accomplishment AND have this physical evidence of those accomplishments every day.

I'm not perfect, sometimes I forget or sometimes I just write down a few that I know to get it done, but for the most part this has become a consistent practice for me now and I know it has had a HUGE IMPACT on my productivity. Launching my life coaching business and building my website were written down and are now accomplished.

I can look back over my goals and realize that some came for a day or a week and then were completely forgotten about and that's okay because if I committed to everything I want to do at the same time I could guarantee that nothing would get accomplished. - "If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority."

You are written down. If you are reading this- I wrote you down. A teacher must have students and a writer must have readers. I am so grateful to have you here and sincerely hope that what I have to offer helps you in some way. Without you - my progress would be halted.

I encourage you to give goal writing a try. You might screw it up or forget about it or you might create a daily habit that impacts your life. Very little risk for a very big reward. I will leave you with my goals.

"I have a podcast with sponsors." "I am a SAG-AFTRA voice actor." "I have a YouTube channel." "I have developed web courses for my clients/followers." "I am a sales QUEEN!" "I am a marketing master." "I am a best-selling author."


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