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My Homies Podcast

I was honored to be a guest on my friends podcast. This was my first time doing a podcast and it was a great learning experience. I copy and pasted the information from his Facebook page and have included links to the episode.

Hiding in the Dark Alyssa drops by to speak some knowledge and insight on her wonderful fitness journey, where she lost over 130 pounds! Alyssa uses her bright and bubbly personality to help others on their journey to happiness and comfortability in their lives. Running her online life coaching business and fitness coaching she gets to reach the clientele that she feels she can help the most. Don't sleep on this wonderful conversation with Alyssa's voice that is as smooth as butter. This isn't an episode you're going to want to miss, a lot of knowledge is dropped into this episode! Below is a preview of what to expect in the episode!


Apple Podcasts:


Google Podcasts:


Thanks for tuning in, make sure to share, subscribe and leave a review! Much love, HITD

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